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  1. Sections 671 - 684 Trusts
  2. Section 701 - 776 Partnerships / Subchapter K
  3. Section 861 Source of Income
  4. Section 864 U.S. Trade or Business / Permanent Establishment
  5. Section 871(a) & 881 FDAP
  6. Section 894 Income Affected By Treaty
  7. Section 897 USRPI Examples
  8. Section 901 - 904 Foreign Tax Credit
  9. Section 911 Foreign Earned Income Exclusion
  10. Section 951 - 954 Subpart F Income
  11. Section 956 Investments in U.S. Property
  12. Section 957 Controlled Foreign Corporation
  13. Section 988 Foreign Currency Transactions
  14. Section 1031 Like-Kind Exchanges
  15. Section 1032 Exchange of Stock for Property
  16. Section 1248 Sales of Controlled Foreign Corporations
  17. Section 1291-1298 PFICs
  18. Section 1361 S Corporations
  19. Section 2501 Gifts
  20. Section 7701 Entity Classification
  21. Section 7874 Expatriated Entities
  22. Agent vs. Separate Entity
  23. Form vs. Substance
  24. Ownership Attribution
  25. Other


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