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Famous Tax Quote #16 - Taxation is Not Cuneiform.


Famous Tax Quotes includes quotations from court opinions with language that is colorful or that concisely states an important tax principle. Readers are encouraged to send suggestions for upcoming Famous Tax Quotes.

Continuing our series on Famous Tax Quotes, today's Famous Tax Quote is:

Taxation is transactional and not cuneiform.  Our tax laws are not so supple that scraps of paper, regardless of their callifgraphy, can transmute trade-ins into sales.  Although Redwing's transfers may have been paper sales, they were actual exchanges.

Redwing Carriers, Inc. and Rockana Carriers, Inc., v. Laurie W. Tomlinson, former Director of Internal Revenue for the District of Florida US-CT-APP-5 (Aug. 22, 1968)

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