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Just in case you thought the U.S. government wasn’t going after taxpayers that are committing tax fraud, you should review some of the recent press releases from the U.S. Department of Justice.  The press releases demonstrate an impressive list of tax-related convictions, guilty pleas, injunctions, summonses, and other actions against taxpayers (and tax preparers).  Many of the tax fraud schemes include offshore activities.  See, for instance:

  1. Phoenix Attorney and Two Accountants Plead Guilty to Participation in Fraudulent Offshore Tax Shelter Scheme
  2. Former UBS Client Sentenced for Hiding $10 Million in Offshore Bank Accounts
  3. Former UBS Client Pleads Guilty to Hiding Assets in Secret Offshore Bank Accounts – Texan Moved Undeclared Assets from the Bahamas to Switzerland to China
  4. Virginia Doctor Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy Involving Undeclared Swiss Bank Account
  5. Department of Justice Asks Court to Serve Summons for Offshore Records
  6. Three Accountants Sentenced to Prison in $20 Million Offshore Tax Fraud Conspiracy

Perhaps the most surprising/disappointing thing is the large number of tax advisors on the list.  Even well a known tax advisor has recently been in the news for pleading guilty to failing to file federal income tax returns.

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