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Zip Codes Updated for 2020 Data


US map of QDI as a percent of total income

A while back the IRS released zip code data for the year 2020. We have now updated our zip codes web page to include the 2020 data. There were a number of new fields tracked by the IRS, including the number of tax returns with a “virtual currency indicator”.

We have also updated our page showing the zip codes with the highest and lowest AGI).

We also updated our heat maps to reflect the 2020 data. One of the most interesting heat maps (see image above) is for qualified dividend income as a percentage of total income. Arkansas has (by far) the highest percentage of qualified dividend income. I am sure this has something to do with Walmart being based in Arkansas.

Lastly, we have created an API, or application programming interface, that returns the IRS data for a zip code in JSON format. For example, the following link returns JSON data for the Essex, Connecticut zip code (06426):

This API makes it easier for computer programs to access the IRS zip code data.

Tags: Python, Statistics