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16 New Charts Published


Today we published 16 new situational tax charts to  We have over 1300 charts for FREE on our website.  The recently published charts include:

Click for all charts listed in topical order and charts listed in alpha-numeric order.

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8 New Charts Published


Tags: 351 Exchanges, 355 Spin-Offs, 933/937 Puerto Rico, 1291 PFICs, 1361 S Corporations, Authority - PLRs / CCAs, Authority - Revenue Rulings, Charts - Situational Charts

5 New Tax Charts


Today we added 5 new situational charts to (listed in topical order).  View these charts and hundreds of other free charts at (listed in alpha-numeric order).

  • Reg. 1.987-2(c)(10), Example 1 (Section 987: Disregarded Interbranch Transaction)
  • Reg. 1.6038A-2(b)(9), Example 1 (5472 Reporting for U.S. Disregarded Entity)
  • Reg. 1.6038A-2(b)(9), Example 2 (5472 Reporting for Transactions Between U.S. Disregarded Entities)
  • PLR 9612017 (Gain on Sale of S Corporations Was Foreign Source Income)
  • PLR 200620016 (Breach of Contract Payments Were Foreign Source Income Under the Origin of the Claim Doctrine)


Tags: 861 Source of Income, 987 Branch Transactions, 1361 S Corporations, 6038A 5472s, Charts - Situational Charts, Form 5472

15 New Tax Charts


Today we added 15 new situational charts to dealing with a variety of topics.

  1. Am. Metallurgical Coal Co. v. Commr. T.C. Memo 2016-139:  Transfer Was For Equity And Not For Debt; Post Transfer Payments Were Dividends
  2. In Re DeCoro USA Ltd U.S. Bankruptcy Court, M.D.N.C., Case No. 09-10846C-11G:  Inbound Furniture Sales: Sales Comm. Model vs. Distributor Model
  3. Revenue Ruling 67-202:  Contribution & Liquidation Was An Asset Reorganization & Section 269 Did Not Apply
  4. Revenue Ruling 91-6:  Accumulated Distribution After Domestication of Foreign Trust
  5. Prop. Reg. 1.355-2(d)(4) Example 1:  Sale After Distribution (Device)
  6. Prop. Reg. 1.355-2(d)(4) Example 2:  Disproportionate Division of Nonbusiness Assets (Device)
  7. Prop. Reg. 1.355-2(d)(4) Example 3:  Proportionate Division of Nonbusiness Assets (Nondevice)
  8. Prop. Reg. 1.355-2(d)(4) Example 4:  Disproportionate Division of Nonbusiness Assets (Nondevice)
  9. Prop. Reg. 1.355-2(d)(4) Example 5:  Nonbusiness Asset Percentage (50-Percent-Owned Group)
  10. Prop. Reg. 1.355-2(d)(4) Example 6:  Nonbusiness Asset Percentage: Partnership Interest
  11. Prop. Reg. 1.355-2(d)(4) Example 7:  Nonbusiness Asset Percentage: Borrowing From Partnership
  12. Reg. 1.1001-2(c), Example 1:  Sales Proceeds Include Liabilities Assumed By Purchaser
  13. PLR 9142032:  Gain on Sale of Foreign Partnership Was Attributed to a Foreign Office For 865 Sourcing Rule If 10% Foreign Tax Paid
  14. PLR 200803005:  Inbound F Reorganization With U.S. Branch & USRPIs
  15. PLR 201336012:  Spin-Off of QSub


Tags: 355 Spin-Offs, 368 Corporate Reorgs, 641-684 Trusts, 861 Source of Income, 897 FIRPTA, 1361 S Corporations, Charts - Situational Charts

Charts of Examples in §1361 Regulations: Termination of QSub Elections


Below are five new situational charts of examples found in Treas. Reg. §1.1361-5(a)(4).  The examples apply the QSub requirements to five different situations and illustrate when a QSub election may be terminated. 

Images of the charts are shown below and links to PDFs of the charts are also available:

We will shortly add these charts to, where you can find hundreds of similar situational charts.

For some recent commentary on S Corporations, visit Paul Caron's TaxProf Blog.

1.1361-5(a)(4) ex 1

1.1361-5(a)(4) ex 2

1.1361-5(a)(4) ex 3

1.1361-5(a)(4) ex 4

1.1361-5(a)(4) ex 5

Tags: 1361 S Corporations, Charts - Situational Charts