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TD 9883: Ownership Attribution for Purposes of Determining Whether a Person Is Related to a Controlled Foreign Corporation; Rents Derived in the Active Conduct of a Trade or Business

Date: 2019-11-19
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Document Number: 2019-24985, RIN: 1545-BM90
Action: Final regulations.

Abstract: This document contains final regulations regarding the attribution of ownership of stock or other interests for purposes of determining whether a person is a related person with respect to a controlled foreign corporation ("CFC") under section 954(d)(3). In addition, the final regulations provide rules for determining whether a CFC is considered to derive rents in the active conduct of a trade or business for purposes of computing foreign personal holding company income. This document finalizes the proposed regulations published on May 20, 2019. The regulations affect United States persons with direct or indirect ownership interests in certain foreign corporations.

Word frequency
Notable phrases   Frequency
controlled foreign corporation(s)      11
stock or an equity      8
taxable years of United States shareholders      5
taxable years of controlled foreign corporations      5
option to acquire      5

Reg. Cites   Frequency
1.954-1      4
1.954-2      4
1.958-2      3
1.954-1(f)(3)      2
1.954-0      2
1.958-2(e)      2
1.954-1(f)      2
1.954-2(i)(2)      1
1.958-2(h)      1
1.954-2(c)(2)(v)      1
1.958-1      1
1.958-2(d)      1

Sec. Cites   Frequency
954(d)(3)      5
958(b)      4
318(a)(3)      2
318(a)(4)      2
954      1
318(a)(3)(A)      1
958(b)(4)      1
7805(f)      1
958(a)      1
954(c)(6)      1

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